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Merseyside Pension Fund: Future-proofing its Responsible Investment Strategy

January 2019 Sustineri is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed an initiative with Merseyside Pension Fund (MPF), a large Local Government Pension Scheme in the UK. This exercise involved working with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, with the objective of reviewing the schemes’s Responsible Investing strategy to future-proof their broader investment strategy. […]

Now is the time for the EU to show international climate leadership

The Leadership Vacuum COP 24 has just begun in Poland and will finish on 14 December. There is a vacuum of leadership internationally on climate change right now. The US is occupying the place of Camus’s “The Outsider”. Moreover, it’s still not clear, for all their domestic action on the environment and their burgeoning renewables […]

Navigating Climate Scenario Analysis: A Guide for Institutional Investors

Sustineri is pleased to announce the launch of a new report on scenario analysis for institutional investors by the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC). Sustineri has been heavily involved in curating this guide, which has been the culmination of many months of roundtable discussions and collaboration with an institutional investor working group on scenario […]