Sustineri is a boutique advisory firm – underpinned by a strong mission – that provides insights and solutions to institutional investors and other stakeholders in a world that is advancing towards a low-carbon and sustainable future.

We work with our clients to deepen their knowledge and understanding of this global transition, to help them stay competitive in an increasingly challenging environment.

“Climate change is a tragedy of the horizon which imposes a cost on future generations that the current one has no direct incentive to fix.”

– Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

Our Mission

The global low-carbon and sustainability transition is underway. Driven by a combination of policy action and regulatory trends, and the falling costs of clean energy technologies, this transition is accelerating. These developments are taking place against a backdrop of growing concern about rising global temperatures, the impacts of climate change and other environmental and social problems. This is no longer business as usual.

At Sustineri, we believe that the energy and low-carbon transition will have implications for a wide range of stakeholders: institutional investors, companies, policymakers and other intermediaries. Investors and all actors in the financial ecosystem will increasingly need to develop an understanding of the transition and the issues it poses for their business, investment strategies and policy approaches.

We believe that, as part of this transition, growing attention on broader sustainability issues will also compel investors and others to adapt and strengthen their approach towards the responsible investing agenda.

Our mission at Sustineri is to help the broad range of stakeholders in the investment value chain build their knowledge of the transformation underway so that they can make more informed decisions on this fundamental agenda. We use our policy and financial markets expertise to enable investors to meet this challenge, focusing on both risk and opportunity.

“Let us be good stewards of the Earth we inherited. All of us have to share the Earth’s fragile ecosystems and precious resources, and each of us has a role to play in preserving them. If we are to go on living together on this earth, we must all be responsible for it”

                    – Kofi Annan

What We Do

We work closely with institutional investors – pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, insurance companies, family offices and foundations – as well as policymakers and financial intermediaries to deepen their knowledge and understanding of all aspects of this global transition, which can help them to stay competitive in an increasingly challenging environment.

Our work covers:

  • Advising on strategic approaches towards climate change, sustainability and responsible investing, examined from the perspectives of risk and opportunity;
  • Navigating the information overload by making sense of all the noise surrounding this challenging and complex agenda, cutting to the heart of what matters most. We seek through our work to educate and build understanding for our clients, equipping them with the language of low-carbon and sustainability matters, and how it relates to them from their stakeholder perspective;
  • Facilitating engagement on pro-active leadership and stewardship, through challenging perceived wisdom and assumptions, raising new questions and angles for clients, and helping to provide pragmatic solutions;
  • Providing a systematic framework and road map into how enterprises can embark on integrating climate risk and ESG criteria into their decision making, in line with the accelerating policy and regulatory backdrop.

Our Approach

At Sustineri, we bring long-standing experience and hands-on expertise to inform, analyse and to devise low carbon and responsible investing strategies for stakeholders in the investment value chain. Our objective is to strengthen and support our clients – whether they be investors, policymakers or have intermediary roles – to move to a more pro-active position that prepares for the global transition and for sustainable development. This should in turn strengthen their ability to mitigate the risks and maximize the opportunities arising from the transition.

As a boutique advisory firm, we provide discrete, flexible solutions for clients, working closely with them to understand their business and tailoring for their needs accordingly. We operate on the basis that no one client is the same. We also work in collaboration with an extensive international network of partners from leading think tanks, academic institutions, advocacy groups and market practitioners who are aligned with our mission.

“I had the pleasure of working extensively with Shuen on a strategic project at The Nature Conservancy. I was impressed with the breadth of Shuen’s financial industry experience, her subject matter expertise across a wide range of conservation and sustainable investing matters, and her ability to combine strategic thinking with skilled execution in seeing the project to successful fruition.

Shuen was always well-prepared and possessed exceptional communication skills. She is a true practitioner with a passion and conviction in everything she does. Shuen also has a great sense of humour and energy and effectively built relationships with many of my TNC colleagues with whom she found herself working. Shuen would be an invaluable asset to any organization as a dynamic leader, and certainly earns my highest recommendation.”

– Peter Wheeler, Executive Vice President, The Nature Conservancy

About Us

Sustinērī : means “to be sustainable” / səˈsteɪnəb(ə)l / in Latin.

We are motivated by a strong sense of mission about the low-carbon transition, responsible investing and a sustainable future.

We believe that climate change presents the most significant challenge of the 21st century, and that it will not be resolved without a fundamental change in how homo sapiens produce and consume energy, moving from the fossil fuel-based systems of the last 150 years to one reliant on clean and low-carbon sources.

This transformation – the global energy transition – will not happen without the large institutional pools of capital financing it and without policy makers behind it. To manage this financing transition expeditiously and effectively, stakeholders will need informed, expert, tailored advice of the type that Sustineri can provide.

Organisations we have worked with

Carbon Tracker
Nature Conservancy
Foreign Commonwealth
Wells Cap

Shuen Chan

Co-founder & Partner

Shuen has a strong track record in the sustainable finance and impact-investing sector with a focus on climate change and real asset strategies. She has over 20 years of experience in asset management and capital markets, having established investment funds in emerging asset classes and a global network across Europe, Asia and Americas.

Shuen’s expertise is in structuring transactions that help to build the business case for sustainable investments and a transition to a low carbon society and economy.  She was involved in establishing a climate-focused fund dedicated to the protection and restoration of natural forests.  Prior to that, she was a core team member of one of the fastest growing private asset management firms in Europe, ECM Asset Management, which became one of the leading European fixed income managers with up to €20billion of institutional assets under management. As Head of Structured Product Origination, Shuen led the establishment of the structuring and product development team and was responsible for raising €3.7 billion in Assets under Management from institutional investors before the firm was sold to Wells Fargo.

Shuen started her career in debt capital markets at Deutsche Bank in Asia and also worked for Macquarie and HSBC.  She holds an MBA from Imperial College, University of London, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Adelaide University, Australia and certification from the London School of Economics on the Governance and Economics of Climate Change.

Shuen serves on the Oversight committee of Pensions for Purpose. She is a member of the Impact Investing Advisory Committee at Oxford University Saïd Business School, an active board member and Treasurer of the Stanford Women’s Network in the UK and serves on the Development Board of Ashden, a charitable organisation that runs the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy.

Richard Folland

Co-founder & Partner

Richard Folland has over 30 years’ experience as a diplomat and advocate, operating at the highest level. He has worked on climate and energy policy, as a policymaker and as a private sector advisor, for over 12 years. A former head of energy strategy at the UK Foreign Office who has held diplomatic postings in Germany, Russia and Sweden, Richard has also been JPMorgan’s European Adviser on Energy and Climate Change, the Executive Director of the Climate Markets and Investment Association (CMIA) and the Head of Energy and Environment at Inline Policy.

As head of energy policy at the Foreign Office 2004-07, Richard was instrumental in joining up climate and energy decision-making at the heart of the British Government. He also helped build a highly-renowned network of climate and energy attaches at British Embassies across the world.

Since moving to the private sector at the end of 2007, Richard has advised companies and organisations on a wide variety of strategic, policy and regulatory issues in UK, European and international markets across the energy and climate change space. He has particular expertise on finance and investment issues, and all aspects of emissions-related regulation. Richard’s advocacy skills and extensive network have also been utilised to give clients advice on how to access and influence policymakers on climate and energy policy.

Richard is Vice-Chair of the Surrey-based charity, Eikon, dedicated to helping vulnerable young people in Surrey. He reviews albums for the PopMatters, one of the most widely-read cultural and music websites in the world.

Our Advisers

Jim Prouty

Former CEO & Board Member, (SFRE) Sustainability | Finance | Real Economies Fund

Kelly Clark

MD, Marmanie Consulting and Director, Finance Dialogue

Dr Jaquetta Lee

Associate Professor, Director of the Practitioner Doctorate Programme in Sustainability, University of Surrey

Rory Tait

Partner, Lux Nova Partners LLP

“Richard’s depth of experience and breadth of knowledge on climate and energy policy are well-respected in the industry. His insights are always on point and portray a keen awareness of ongoing and developing discussions and thinking in the climate and energy policy field.”

– Andre Abadie, Managing Director, Head of Global Environmental & Social Risk, JP Morgan



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